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Category Archives: Features

There will always be slow news days.

There will be days when no buildings catch fire, and there are no car crashes.

There will be days when journalists will be eternally grateful that they don’t have to go to the home of the mother who just lost her son, and ask for a quote.

And this is not a bad thing. It is incredibly difficult for a lot of journalists to shoot this kind of thing, or write this kind of story. Sure, some of them thrive on it, but it can be draining for those involved in the process.

Which is why when there are no disasters to cover, we turn to features.

You guys have seen the feature I’m most proud of so far. It’s the train picture from a couple posts ago.

But now I’ve finished my internship at a French weekly back on PEI, and they asked me to shoot images for their new website. Essentially, I had a little under two weeks to shoot a minimum of 50 features.

Here are a couple previews of the shots that will be up on La Voix Acadienne’s site.


They wanted shots of the windmills in Tignish, so I spent a day up in that area, driving around back roads, getting lost, and finding different ways to get the shot. When I showed them this shot, both the main photographer/writer and my boss were delighted, and kept showing it off to the rest of the people in the office.

On one of my last days, I had to drive to the opposite end of the Island. I stayed until sunset, at a lighthouse, then kept stopping on my way home to get shots while the light dwindled. When the light was gone, I didn’t put my camera away, and I’m glad I didn’t, because low and behold, I spotted through a gap in the trees, this shot. I’m really glad there was a post I could sit my camera on, because I had left my tripod in the car.

There were a lot of other places I went in PEI, in those two weeks. Hopefully, the little slices of life I found for them will help draw new readers to some of the wonderful content they bring to life every week.

There will be a post soon about some of the stage work I’ve been shooting. Also, graduation weekend is coming up at my old high school, so there will be portrait work, along with a couple other contracts I’m working on (some for companies, and others for one of the Island’s newspapers).

Also, we have a new calf now. She’s pretty cool.

Oh, and I graduated from Loyalist College recently. There’s that too.

Photo credit to my best friend’s mom who was in charge of cameras that day.