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Well, that was an interesting week. The Photo j’s of Loyalist were back in class, and figuring out the cycle this semester. Because of course, we are starting at the Pioneer.

Now, for those who aren’t in the know yet, the Pioneer is the digital paper at Loyalist. It used to be in print, but now we work on a PDF version, and make prints of the pages to put up on the bulletin board in the 1N hallway.

My section is first up on the Pioneer, which comes out on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so we had our first real day in the newsroom last Friday.

I have one story in each of the editions. I’ve written one, am waiting on a photo, and I also have to correct my story once I get it back from proof reading. And of course leave enough time for layout and proofing/rewrites before it goes online Tuesday.

Not nerve racking in the least.

I have another story to work on, but so many interviews are just waiting to be done, and a photo opportunity tomorrow morning.

This isn’t the first time I’ve worked on the Pioneer; when I jumped into a frozen river for charity last year, I took “immersion journalism” to the next level, and got my story published on the second page. I didn’t get the picture, but I think it’s pretty obvious why.

Seems to me it’s gotten harder since then.

If you want to check out all the other content the media students produce here at Loyalist, check out Q-Net News. 

So, today is one of the big days in the Photojournalism program here at Loyalist. Today is the day industry leaders wander around the classroom and the studio, and actually sit across from us. Today, is Advisory Board. Now, this isn’t an obligatory thing: I mean, I think I only saw about one or two first years, but for second years, it is… frowned upon to not be here. And besides: despite being ridiculously terrifying at points, it is quite helpful to have people look at your work, and tell you what they think. Not to mention, you get to see Frank O’Connor wearing a tie: pretty classy if you ask me.

I’m writing this as I wait for the my second advisor. I’m glad to say that my first one went better than expected. Anyways, since today is all about sharing your work, I’ve decided to upload the portfolio I’m showing off today. It will be in one of the side tabs, and so will the photo story, since I’m showing that too.

Happy shooting everyone!

School is always busy. You run around like a headless chicken trying to get all your assignments done, all while trying to balance a social life (which is usually non-existent in my case), and getting enough sleep to not become dependent on caffeine.

Me on coffee is not something anyone wants to see. Ever.

But this year, I didn’t get much of a break before coming back. After working all summer and shooting various events in my area…

Like prom portraits for the 8 grads at my old high school

The three amigos

Posing for a goofy prom picture

A play by my high school art department

50 ans ca fait un elan

The students are all in trouble now

A recital by a local theatre company

The musical acting class

She's in Love from the Little Mermaid

And a qualifier for the PEI Youth Talent Search

Time to land this thing

Josh Niyon and Samuel Niyon during their act

I got a visit from a fellow Photo J who stayed for a week, then we hopped a train back to Ontario where we prepared ourselves for FanExpo.

For those who don’t know, FanExpo is pretty much the Comicon of the North. For those who still don’t get it, picture a convention that covers pretty much every type of pop culture there is.

From horror

See, zombies do have brains

See, zombies do have brains!

To anime

Yes, those are the character names

Panty and Stocking... Yes, the character's names are Panty and Stocking

To gaming

Just look at those Keyblades

Characters from Kingdom Hearts

To sci-fi

The ultimate Starwars Family

The ultimate Starwars Family

To comic books

Look at that hammer

Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

And everything in between.

Needless to say, it was a blast. An exhausting blast. Where I know I didn’t take nearly enough photos. That will not be the case when I go back next year.

Once back in Belleville, the real shooting began. I ran across a late night soccer game and became ever grateful to my 5D’s high ISO capabilities.

Preparing to take a hit

Preparing to take a hit

I also covered a Show and Shine for the College. (Which later developed into my Sense of Belonging project. You can see the whole thing and read more about it under the “Cars and Their Drivers” tab once it appears)

Just try to open the cruiser with those goggles on

They had an officer there with drunk goggles and the key to a cruiser: hilarity ensued

Then there was the Belleville Bulls Annual Ticket Holder’s Appreciation BBQ.

Ringo about to enjoy a pulled pork sandwich

Ringo about to enjoy a pulled pork sandwich from the Bull and Boar

Followed of course by the Skate with the Bulls event that I was lucky enough to participate in for a bit. Let’s hear it for always being prepared, and never taking your skates out of your trunk!

Skating with the Bulls

Skating with the Bulls

I got to shoot my first baseball game.

Action on first base

Action on first base

I made a comment that the dirt that made up the pitcher’s mound was actually the right colour for once. My friend’s father, who I had only briefly met that day, deduced that I must be from PEI, because that’s the only place in Canada where red dirt is normal.

Next up, cue the all candidates debate! The most covered debate of the whole Provincial Election!

All candidate debate

All candidate debate

And then it was Thanksgiving. Being a student from the Maritimes, I don’t get to go home for the long weekend, so the fellow Photo J who visited during the summer brought me home with her to Kingston where I took baby pictures of her little cousins, nearly fell off a four wheeler, then collapsed into a “Turkey Coma” after having figured out the video settings on the 5D.

This was especially helpful, because I had a news video to shoot. Which I did. And it  worked, but I’m going to keep working on it until it is edited to my satisfaction.

Then there was the Flexitarian cooking class. Think vegetarian, but allowed the occasional bit of meat without feeling bad. Or at least that’s how it was explained to me.

Flexitarian cooking

Flexitarian cooking

And then it was reading week. And I spent most of it touring haunted forts, and haunted boats, and eating too much candy and getting too much sleep.

But I’m back now, and playing with Halloween makeup because for those of us who celebrate it, it was Halloween yesterday!

I love scar makeup. Hi Two Face!

I love scar makeup. Hi Two Face!

And then I played with my lighting gear.

My fist zombie attempt, and Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. Yes, my hair is always that red.

My fist zombie attempt, and Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. Yes, my hair is always that red.

And I know I haven’t been shooting enough. But I’m getting a job shooting with the College now, so that will help. And hopefully once the scary number of projects are all wrapped up, there will be another post about them.

Well, there will have to be. I have my Social Issue project coming up, and my Sense of Place to do too. And an archive assignment, EVPs, and OH NO ADVISORY BOARD IS COMING UP AND I HAVE TO PUT A PORTFOLIO TOGETHER!

But I’m not panicking about that las one at all, what are you talking about?

Happy shooting everyone!