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Category Archives: Christmas

Well, I think you can guess what my resolution is: REGULAR UPDATES!

I’ve been neglecting the blog a little bit (understatement). This is mostly because I was focusing on building a website and getting it hosted, but that takes a lot longer than I expected, especially if you’re doing it from scratch through Dreamweaver. But, living and learning (and getting good grades on it is always nice too).

I have been shooting quite a bit though. Especially this Christmas after making the trek home by train. But mostly, I want to share this picture.

Family portrait: nerf style

This, is my family. They are amazing. You saw them in one of my earlier posts, and they are what keeps me going. They put up with me blasting bright lights in their faces, help me tack backgrounds back up when they fall, and keep the smiles coming while I try to get a shot where no one has their eyes closed. That, and they all have Nerf guns, and know how to use them.

I have a few more projects that I’ve shot, but haven’t posted yet, so keep and eye out for those in the next couple days. Then it’s another 24 hour train ride back to Belleville to finish my very last semester, work at the Pioneer (Loyalist’s online paper), and then figure out an internship for three weeks before starting to pay off my debt. Yay planning!

Happy shooting everyone!