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So, today is one of the big days in the Photojournalism program here at Loyalist. Today is the day industry leaders wander around the classroom and the studio, and actually sit across from us. Today, is Advisory Board. Now, this isn’t an obligatory thing: I mean, I think I only saw about one or two first years, but for second years, it is… frowned upon to not be here. And besides: despite being ridiculously terrifying at points, it is quite helpful to have people look at your work, and tell you what they think. Not to mention, you get to see Frank O’Connor wearing a tie: pretty classy if you ask me.

I’m writing this as I wait for the my second advisor. I’m glad to say that my first one went better than expected. Anyways, since today is all about sharing your work, I’ve decided to upload the portfolio I’m showing off today. It will be in one of the side tabs, and so will the photo story, since I’m showing that too.

Happy shooting everyone!

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